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Authors need graphics for book covers and sometimes to illustrate their stories. Here are some websites that may prove handy. A quick note about royalty free images. A royalty free image is one that you buy and then have the rights to use as you wish without paying further royalties. Prices vary from site to site. Sometimes the right is an exclusive use and sometimes the image will be sold to more than one user.
  • Acapella Book Cover Design - a book cover designer for over 15 years, you can see some of the designs here.
  • BigStockPhoto.com - regular plans are fairly pricey but if your needs are limited, you can two different free plans. An indefinite one image a month free trial and a seven day free trial that lets you download five images a day. If all you need is a graphic for your book cover, this is worth checking out. These are royalty free images.
  • Book Graphics - the former journalist behind this company does custom as well as pre-made book covers. Her work is in high demand.
  • Canva - design your own book cover at Canva.
  • Deranged Doctor Design - they do unique custom cover design work. Check out their portfolio!  Prices start at $95.
  • Design Tree Studio - this Canadian company does web design and branding as well as book covers.
  • Dollar Photo Club - you can subscribe for $10 a month and get ten stock photos a month. You can discontinue at any time. These are royalty free graphics that you can manipulate and use as you want.
  • Extended Imagery - this site specializes in book cover design. Owner Carl Graves designed the covers for Joe Konrath's books and charges about $200 a cover.
  • Fiverr eBook Cover Designers - here's a whole bunch of inexpensive eBook cover designers.
  • Fotolia - at Fotolia you can buy royalty free stock images giving you the unrestricted right to manipulate and use as you want. Great for websites as well as for book covers.
  • GIMP.org - GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and is a free downloadable program.
  • Juliane Schneeweiss - this freelance artist from Germany does excellent cover art.
  • Jun Ares - Jun Ares is a freelance book cover designer. Ares designed the covers for Martin Crosbie's books among others.
  • Kip Ayers Illustration - this artist from New York State does a lot of work designing book covers for indie authors.
  • Nancimila's Cottage Magic - Nancy Donahue (Nancimila as she is known to friends) does book cover art and illustrations as well as photography.
  • Paint.net - Paint.net is free downloadable image editing software.
  • Picasa - Picasa is primarily a photo organiser but you can modify photos as well. It is a free downloadable program you install on your computer.
  • Romance Novel Covers - this site specializes in designing covers for romance novels.
  • The Cover Collection - this British designer does e-book covers for 40 and e-book and full print covers for 85. Cover designs are unique and once sold, are removed from their stock of available artwork.
  • The Illustrated Author - this group does book covers as well as illustrations. Prices vary.
  • Tibbs Design - Valerie Tibbs does book cover design as well as websites, business cards, banners, posters and a host of other design work.
  • VisualPhotos.com - royalty free photos can be purchased here.

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